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Turntable - ATECO - Tall Stainless Steel Turntable

Turntable - ATECO - Tall Stainless Steel Turntable

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The rotation is smooth and sturdy, allowing for both precision and accuracy when adding those final touches. It also features a non-slip silicone base cap which secures the turntable to your work surface to ensure stability whilst decorating. 

Cleaning Instructions:
Handwash only. Do NOT submerge in water as this can cause rust to form between the pivot and base. NOT dishwasher safe.

The stand measures 12" diameter and 5" tall. 

✔ Perfect for decorating and displaying
✔ Stainless Steel ball bearings for smooth and level rotations
✔ Allows access to all sides and hard-to-reach angles of the cake
✔ Tall for comfortable decorating
✔ Made from durable aluminium
✔ Fits various sizes

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